Build A New World
Audience Access’s simple platform allows you to customize how you connect with your patrons in a way that’s convenient for you and them without the hassle of downloading an app.
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Connect With Everything
Connect your patrons with what matters –– access to your upcoming events, your ticketing system, social channels, information about your organization and ways to donate — with an easy to use single platform, out of the box.
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More Than An App
The core of the platform uses texting, allowing patrons to engage with your organization in a way that is friendly and that they are intimately familiar with. There is no need to download, sign up and learn another app.
Spend more time focusing on your performance
Why worry about splitting your focus by trying to convert all your content to a digital program? Our production team is here to help.

Onstage can help you create a great digital program and assist your marketing staff in your objectives, all at no added cost for you.
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Audience Access Offers More
With a complete desktop portal you can create and customize your patrons experience.
  • Send targeted message campaigns to the right patrons at the right time
  • Stay connected with news & reviews
  • Sell tickets with any online ticketing system or vendor
  • One click micro-donations
  • Integrate videos & audio content
  • Share Information from Partners, Donors & Sponsors
There’s something for everyone with Audience Access.
$295/month Standard package.
You set up all the textable keywords and create the digital program through our customer portal.

$795/month Premium package.
Onstage will set up the textable keywords that you have chosen and do the complete layout and design of your digital program from content provided to us, after that you are free to make any changes on your own or have our production department make any requested changes.

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Starting At
Per number / month

20,000 Messages
Unlimited Textable Keywords
Digital Program Included
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